About Us

Elite Credit Status began as a small consulting firm specializing in helping people leverage their own personal credit to secure business funding. Although successful, we came across many individuals who needed some form of repair credit before they could qualify for our funding service. We came to the realization that there was a far greater need for credit repair services, so we dedicated our efforts to helping people address the items negatively affecting their credit reports.

Here at Elite Credit Status we employ our vast knowledge of the credit industry to provide our clients with a robust, informative journey through the credit repair process. In our society, having good credit is fundamental to having financial prosperity and security. 

Elite Credit Status is here to help you accomplish both.

Our concept is very simple, get your credit score fixed as fast as possible. There are hundreds of credit repair companies and credit repair services out there, so what makes us the one you should trust? Well, we have been repairing credit scores since 2009. To this date, we’ve helped hundreds of people with their credit scores. From late payments, removing collection, bankruptcies to removing charge offs and foreclosures – we’ve done it all. That’s why we get the best results, and most of our clients see them within 60 days of signing up!

Juan E. Galvan Founder

Hi! I’m Juan, the founder of Elite Credit Status. Fixing Credit isn’t a job for me, it’s my passion! I quickly realized that banks and credit bureaus DO NOT want you to have great credit aka – Elite Credit Status. They actually make money if you have less than perfect credit. I’ve been utilizing advanced Credit Repair techniques to help our clients reach their full credit potential. Whether you want to buy a house, finance a car or just have financial peace of mind, I can help. I was once a victim of bad credit and found that the advice online was not enough to overcome my situation. I created a proprietary system to help improve your credit report while teaching you how to re-establish your credit.